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Address the development of digital skills, literacy and numeracy

The Can Font Residence and the integral services of Santa coloma de Farners (Occupational Center and Residence), participate in the pilot test that has been launched within the framework of the

program I decide: supported decision making using digital literacy & numeracy skills.

And decide
is an Erasmus+ Project co-led by several international entities and in Girona by the Tutelar Foundation of the Girona region.

This project it addresses how the development of digital skills, literacy and numeracy can  support the person in the control of their lives and in decision making. The project focuses on the application of digital skills, literacy and numeracy in three important areas of life:

  • Personal finance
  • Consumer rights
  • Personal health and well-being.

Currently we participate in the 3 training days to understand the tool well and then it will be put into practice in several people attended to in the services of the ASTRES Foundation in Llorà and Santa coloma de Farners.

We would like to thank the Foundation for protecting the opportunity it offers us to expand knowledge and offer new tools for intervention in the accompaniment and support to the people we serve.