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Dance to the sound of the Earth Day anthem

They write to us from the La Duna Residential Center (Fundació Astres) to explain that their users have shown their support for the global climate strike, adhering to the mobilizations that were called in Deltebre.

“We have contributed to this wave of protest in the participation of different acts”

Last Thursday we participated in a colloquium on Radio Delta, the radio of Deltebre, where we encouraged the citizens of Ebre to mobilize and called them to the rally that had been organized in Deltebre in the face of the reality of climate emergency and to defend, in particular, our Delta. The rally took place at the Pont Lo Passador, an emblematic icon of the earth.

Users of La Dune participating in the rally on the Lo Passador bridge

There they used the song Mama Tierra de Macaco, to the sound of MOVING, which aims to raise awareness of the respect and care of the planet in which we live.

In La Duna we go further and have decided that to continue raising awareness of the climate emergency, this Thursday, October 3rd will be a day without the use of vehicles in the center.

We encourage you!

Participating in the Radio Delta colloquium on Climate Day

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