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Educational Platform Foundation: Development Cooperation ’18

Fundació Plataforma Educativa has developed projects in Guatemala and Morocco since its inception, and in recent months we have opened new paths of cooperation in Colombia, as a result of the consequences of the armed conflict between the most disadvantaged people, and has been created a new initiative, the Chajinel project (“the one that takes care of others” translation of the kitché language) of Awareness raising and Education for Development, dedicated to the citizens of Girona thanks to the alliance with the University of Girona and its Faculty of Nursing.

We want society to know firsthand what is done in cooperation projects, and what better way than to meet the nurses and/or comadrones who work in the most rural and impoverished places of Guatemalan society. Exchange of knowledge and good practices, solutions tailored to the most imperative needs of children, this is the driving force that moves the field of cooperation of our entity.

All these actions have been possible because we have had the funding of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation and the collaboration of the Coordinator of NGO Solidarity

Regarding the work of the Educational Platform Foundation in Guatemala, the efforts have focused on the reality of malnourished children in the Totonicapan department, attending about 250 families. This 2018, apart from the usual task of the projects (Nutritional training, both inside and outside the hospital and delivery of food and vitamins), we have been able to create a small-scale agriculture initiative, with the cultivation of mushrooms, which gives family mothers opportunities to provide new nutrients to their families.

Finally, Fundació Plataforma Educativa has actively participated in the
Coordinator of Solidarity NGOs in Girona and the counties
in different events such as the Zero Poverty Campaign, the campaign to commemorate Human Rights and the annual conference under the theme “Antimilitarism and Culture of Peace”. She has also participated in other activities such as the Day of Violence Against Women and the Night of Volunteering.