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Currently, Plataforma Educativa is made up of 10 organizations. The network of entities that form part of it has more than 1000 professionals distributed in more than 150 services throughout Catalonia.
Resilis Foundation: Social education and defence of the rights towards children and adolescence

The Resilis Foundation develops projects and programmes for the comprehensive care of young people and children at social risk or with the possibility of suffering from it.

Its main objective is the management and development of projects, programs or services for children and young people in situations of exclusion, risk or serious difficulties. Manages Reception Centres, CRAE’s, CREI’s, Open Centers among other services.

Astres Foundation: Care for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness

The Astres Foundation develops projects, programmes and services for the comprehensive care of people with intellectual disabilities to improve their autonomy.

And that is why its mission is to guarantee a decent future and an optimal quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities from a comprehensive, individualized and integrative approach.

the7d stars
EL7 Foundation

The Fundació el 7 d’Astres offers services and job placement for people with intellectual disabilities.

Gentis Foundation: Guidance, Training, Insertion and Social Mediation

The main objective of the Gentis Foundation is to achieve the satisfaction of the participants through a good personal reception and through the fulfillment of the specified requirements, offering services with a maximum of quality. It seeks to improve people’s quality of life through having an impact on their professional career – insertion and training –

The activities organized and promoted by Gentis lead to work for the socio-labour inclusion of different groups, offering vocational training programs, social and labour insertion, professional guidance, improving employability and support for employment, empowering their community of reference.

Children and Family Foundation: Care for women, children and families offering community and therapeutic work. Promotion of foster care

Fundación Infància i Família was born with the aim of guaranteeing the right of children to have a family and a home where they can grow up, whether their own or others, in foster care or adoption.

The entity is accredited as icif (Collaborating Institution of Family Integration) by the Catalan Institute of Fostering and Adoption.

It offers therapeutic services of individual and family accompaniment, as well as develops actions related to community work.

Utopia Foundation: Sustainable Human Development

The Utopia Foundation was born from the collaboration in international cooperation projects between Catalonia and Guatemala and its mission is to defend human rights and promote sustainable human development through creativity, culture and innovation as drivers of change.

Active Tool: Social and Labour Integration

Eina Activa Insertion Company and offers to the market various economic activities of goods and services, in order to promote the integration and socio-labour training of people at risk of social exclusion.

Eina Activa Insertion Company is a limited, single-person and non-profit company.

Get involved: participation and volunteering

Acciona’t is an entity that encourages participation and volunteering to improve society and people.

Idària – Labour Insertion Cooperative: associated work and job placement

Idària is a cooperative of associated work and non-profit labour insertion in order to intervene in the local socioeconomic situation.

It contemplates from its statutes the initial will to be an insertion company offering a wide and varied list of services, linked to the green and circular economy. Its objective is the labour inclusion of people with situations of social exclusion.

Children's Social Action Foundation (FASI): Child and family care

The Fundación Acció Social Infància is an organization in the service sector for people with the vocation to promote, through family intervention, innovative projects in the care of children at risk in Catalonia.


Plataforma Educativa participates in local, national and international networks to promote innovation, collaboration and the exchange of experiences in the social and educational field. Some of the networks in which it collaborates and is an active part are the following:
Catalan networks
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