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Companies and entities must lead the development of equal opportunities policies between men and women; both in our organization and in the social impact that our work implies.

The principle of gender equality is one of the nuclear axes of modern societies. The achievement of this political principle has been present since the creation of democratic states. However, its recognition has not been for the whole citizenship: women have not initiated a process of equating formal rights until the beginning of the 20th century. The sexual division of labour is still in force and social structures are organised in such a way that real equality is still a challenge to be achieved.

Gender inequality has long been invisible. In the application of our corporate social responsibility, we understand that companies and entities must lead the development of these equal opportunities policies between men and women; both in our internal organization and in the social impact that our work implies. In this sense, Plataforma Educativa includes as a policy, equal opportunities among all genders and the right to non-discrimination and freedom as principles that underpin the organization and action of the entities that are members of it.

Although not all are legally obliged to do so, all member entities have an Equal Opportunities Plan between men and women; approved in 2017. Some of the strategic lines of the Plans include actions to be implemented on equal access to employment, equal pay, work-life balance and advice on the use of communication, language and images in a non-sexist way.

Under the Plan, there is also a Protocol for the prevention, reporting and sanction of sexual harassment, based on sex, due to sexual orientation, expression and gender identity. The protocol conceives harassment as a psychosocial risk associated with work and wants to guarantee a healthy work environment free of violence against women; assigning obligations and rights of the workforce with regard to the commitment to gender equality under a principle of zero tolerance. The email of the people responsible for the management of any cases that may occur is; and their actions are based on the principles and guarantees of respect and protection, and confidentiality.

The watchdog of the application of the Equality Plan falls on the Equality Commission, formed by members of the Network of Educational Platform organizations. The Commission coordinates that the measures of the Plan that involve different Departments and Platform Units are executed in the temporalization contemplated by the Plans, and reception of specific demands that the services can send him. Your contact email is