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“The Educational Platform Code of Ethics is conceived as the result of an open and permanent process, which detects the ethically relevant aspects of our professional activity, promoting deliberation among all those affected, and that includes the guidelines on how to approach them.”

The Code of Ethics of Educational Platform responds and content to one of its values “We want to be an ethical, professional and respectful entity with people and the environment” and collects and orders the ethically controversial topics that have reached the Editorial Commission by the professionals of Educational Platform.

This Code has been subscribed by the board of trustees of each of the entities, and is available to all staff and people attended with the will to be, not only a reference document, but an element of improvement and transformation.
In 2008, the Commission of Applied Ethics of Educational Platform was created with the function of promoting and coordinating the process through which this Code of Ethics is updated and deepened, to stimulate training and reflection on the explicit and implicit moral values in professional practice, and to support professional teams in the approach and resolution of ethical problems that arise.

Under no circumstances does this Commission of Applied Ethics perform auditing or sanctioning functions, nor does it borrow the ethical analysis of the professional teams of direct intervention.

Since 2018, there has also been a Space for Ethical Reflection in Social Intervention Services (ERESS), an analysis and discussion group to address the first ethical conflicts and dilemmas. It is the space where good attitudes and good practices are discussed, analysed, and advised on decision making, generates knowledge and guidelines for intervention and generates good attitudes and good practices. It is an advisory tool that promotes awareness and training in ethical values in our entities and services, while promoting good professional and organizational practices in our services through the elaboration of protocols, criteria and recommendations in our Code of Ethics.

If you need more information or to make a query, please contact the Ethics Committee: or by calling 682 42 27 86.

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