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Gentis will coordinate a European art and creativity project

CHIMES gentis

Fundació Gentis will coordinate the European project CHIMES -COMPETENCES, CITIZENSHIP AND INCLUSION THROUGH MUSIC EDUCATION SOLUTIONS focused on working skills of young people at risk of exclusion through art and creativity.

This project aims to respond to the impact that the pandemic is having on the fields of culture and creativity due to the cancellation and closure of most festivals, fairs and concerts and theatres and recognize its benefits in the well-being, health, education and inclusion of people.

CHIMES gentis

The CHIMES project is aimed at disadvantaged youth who feel isolated or excluded from society either in terms of social and economic exclusion or for cultural, personal or mental health reasons.

The CHIMES project aims to use the creative and performing arts as a vehicle, joining the creative arts industry with the education sector within the framework of second-chance schools. CHIMES will help disadvantaged young people who are in second-chance schools to develop transferable skills and competencies in the fields of active citizenship, communication, teamwork and problem solving. This should contribute to improving their employability and resilience, increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, and adding value within the community.

Chimes’ objectives are as follows:
• Improve the learning experience and promote citizenship through community based activities
• Support the integration and social / economic inclusion of young people at risk of social exclusion
• Develop key skills and competencies through creative arts

Within the framework of the CHIMES project, local festivals and cultural and creative exhibitions will be organized with the active participation of vulnerable young people. A methodological guide will also be drawn up aimed at professionals in the educational and cultural field.

The project lasts 24 months and is scheduled to begin this March. The budget is 121,316 euros. This project will be carried out with entities from Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, the UK and Romania.