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Interview with Pepa Escuer, from the HR team of Plataforma Educativa

“We must continue to bet on new processes that are increasingly and better adapted to the demands of the great organization that we are now”


We spoke to Josepa Escuer, representative of the HR department in the Camp de Tarragona. He explains the specificities of his work and we get a little closer to this girl born in the province of Lleida and based in the city of Tarragona.

Today you will meet (if you have not already) another component of the Human Resources team of Educational Platform,  Josepa Escuer Terrats, Pepa Escuer for everyone. Pepa tells us that she is the daughter of a farmer’s family from Alpica (Lleida) who saw her born 47 years ago. And like every village daughter, she had to move to the city  to study. She went to Tarragona to do a psychology degree and stayed there.  He currently lives there with his partner and their 6-year-old son  in the El Serrallo neighborhood, the fishing district. We start by asking him about his training (“do you study or work?”) , because we already know that he works, and a lot:


And what did you study?

I am a Doctor of Social Psychology, with a somewhat long training and “roll”…


But if it seems very interesting! 

Yes… In fact, it turns out that when I was young I was quite bored and dedicated myself to studying, which I always liked. Then, older, I was able to devote a little less to it. But I’ve always  loved learning things.


And what has been your work experience after these studies that you comment, have you been working at Plataforma Educativa for a long time?

I come from the environment of human resources consulting and organizational change.

Tomorrow it will be a year that I am working in Educational Platform.


Congratulations! (or not… We have to congratulate you, don’t we?)

Haha! Of course I do! I have to say, however, that it has been a bit harsh… All beginnings are. You have to control a lot of information, with many peculiarities and it is a bit stressful to master everything. But that’s part of the job!

‘I’ve always  loved learning things.’

And what do you like most about your work, Pepa?

What I like most about my work is “unpredictability”, the idea of working with uncertainty…


That’s anxious, isn’t it?

No. I like to manage it.  And dealing with people, especially that… My workplace allows me to interact with a lot of people.

“We must continue to bet on new processes that are increasingly and better adapted to the demands of the great organization that we are now”.

Do you have to have some kind of character to do the work you do?

I always try to be in a good mood, and joke about things… I’ve always thought that work should be done, whatever it is: well, better to do it in a good atmosphere, don’t you think?  My phrase is “al lio”.



what is your job, exactly?

To the question I am dedicated to…. uffff!… I try to explain it, okay?: I support the territory of the HR,  from the selection interviews to the follow-up of all the incidents that at the work level can occur with the staff of the territory. Task impossible to carry out without coordination (coordination, help, support, support, advice, assistance, etc.) with the HR department of Girona.

I currently carry out topics related to HR from The Resilis Foundation, Eina activa and Fundació Astres. They are very different entities with very diverse problems and where the HR support tasks that are required are very different.

While it is true that I work with many people and for people on more than one occasion being the only HR in the territory of the Camp de Tarragona I find myself a little alone. However, Educational Platform is an entity that has grown a lot over time and I believe that, like the other departments, HR must continue to bet on new processes that are increasingly and better adapted to the demands of the great organization that we are now.


And confess to us: What is the least grateful thing about your day-to-day life?

The least grateful thing about my job is that a good part of it is to solve problems and incidents… But well, the line with them!


Al lío!