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#JoParticipo 2021

On May 20, the annual participation day organized and promoted by the motor group of participation of Plataforma Educativa took place. This year the 5th edition has been held, but in fact it should be the sixth since the pandemic suspended us last year.

It was the first day online, with a different format, but that managed to save the essence of the previous ones. We hope, however, to recover the attendance of the event with experiential experiences as in all the previous ones and this will be the best way to confirm and celebrate that the epidemic is over.

Below we share the writing made by Maria Piqué i Roma,
Director of the CRAE Les Deveses and member of the motor participation group, in relation to the day.


There were 26 connection points with a group of approximately 50 people from services and centers of Resilis and Astres, representation of Gentis and the different transversal departments of Educational Platform, together with some members of the Motor Participation Group.

This day this year, so different from the format, was especially emotional in remembering 2020. In fact, 2020 will be unforgettable for everyone, but speaking in terms of participation it is and will be a lot. We will remember as a very positive effect of the pandemic among others:
• The imaginative capacity of the professionals and the people attended.
• Its ability to adapt and accept, as well as the large number of participatory events and activities that took place in all services to make confined daily life easier.
• Strengthening ties in a spectacular way.

You can access the Participation Report 2020 here

As director of CRAE – and I think I can speak on behalf of all service directors – we must congratulate ourselves on having the teams we have and the children and young people we serve. The biggest surprise of the pandemic was the personal growth and group membership. This is evident in the video that was passed to the day and the exciting opinions of those who come out and the large number of participatory activities that were organized and that helped to make confinement more digestible.

Spectacular were the videos (+of 10) that were sent responding to the request that the motor group asked the Services for the presentation of the Tandem of each Service. The Tandem as a way of expressing how to move forward and motivate participation in services: a cared for person and a professional person to pedal to move forward regardless of who drives so that the participation does not stop and is enhanced in each service. All the videos were made with a lot of quality and it was very clear that doing them had been very enjoyed. Thank you all, the ones you are Tandems!

The whole day was entertained by a skull trio (Jordi, Jaume and Johnny) who made us laugh and have fun around the reflection on participation. Thank you to the three of you for being in front of you and the whole motor team for being behind them. Once again it was a magnificent day.

To finish the event Jordi Pasqual directed us a few words and all the participants said goodbye with a great noise (utensils to make noise of all kinds) and quote us for next year.

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