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My Christmas, 14 years rewarding talent in Educational Platform

In this new edition, some 90 works have been presented in very different formats and styles

Yesterday, January 7, the awards ceremony “My Christmas” was held, a contest open to all users of the services of the Educational Platform Network, which for 14 years encourages and rewards their creativity and artistic talent.

The event was held in the assembly hall of the Marfà space in Girona and was attended by different educational platform services, adding more than 70 people, who were able to know first the awarded works.

In this new edition, a 90th of works have been presented in very different formats and styles, and six of them have been awarded: 3 individually and 3 collectively.

To select the winning works, a voting period was opened for the entire Educational Platform community and during yesterday’s event the most voted works in each category were revealed. You can see them in

In individual category:

1. DSC15 crae Vista Alegre

2. FBB of the CRAE Les Deveses

3. JMD59 of CO Girona

In collective category:

1. Home Residence La Duna

2. CA Oikia

3. Project Standards of the CNO-CFA of Terres de l’Ebre

Congratulations to all the people who have participated in this new success!