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Resilis and Gentis at Reto Futuro 2020 • Plataforma Educativa
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Resilis and Gentis at Reto Futuro 2020

Two educational platform teams were present last week in the final phase of Reto Futuro 2020, a social entrepreneurship program aimed at vulnerable young people so that, through educational content, accessible technological tools and mentors’ accompaniment, they can live a formative and transformative experience that prepares them for a future they can create.

HaragApp Next Station

The Tiana assisted apartment team of the Resilis Foundation was one of the winners of this year’s call with the HaragApp project. Under the name Next Station, the team wanted to respond to the challenge of contributing to the realization of the migratory project of people with an app: HaragApp creates a community that is interrelated from four different user profiles: Dreamer, Newly arrived, Autochthonous and Expert. This last profile is key to optimal management of the proposals and demands for help that are organized thanks to the app.

Next Station is formed by the users of the apartment Mohamed El Abyad, Mohamed Zallali and Mohamed Seroukh; the educator Jordi Rieradevall; facilitator Diana Ballart; and coach Mateo Pereira.

Connecting Towns
Connecting Towns

For its part, the CFA Lo Pont of the Gentis Foundation, was also a finalist for this program. And despite not being one of the winners, the team responsible for the center has decided to execute the project anyway. It is “Connecting Towns” and has been motivated by the confinement we have experienced as a result of COVID-19. This wants to build the relationship between the different agents of the municipality beyond face-to-face. It is a project to connect people, small businesses and volunteering. Because if we ever have to live another period like this the relationships between people and local local commerce, thanks to the app and the volunteering that it promotes have a way out.

Congratulations teams!