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The Domus Ludens project – The House That Plays, has begun


The Domus Ludens Project is a European project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission. The project aims to show that by enforcing the right to play and creating a culture of play, improvements occur in subjective well-being and in the acquisition of personal skills of children and young people living in shelters.


On January 25 and 26, the first start meeting of the project took place, with the participation of all the partner entities: three entities providing services to young people in situations of guardianship -Resilis Foundation (Catalonia), Für Soziales mbH (Germany) and Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie (Poland)- the Cooperativa la Juganera (Girona entity specialized in board games) and the University of Girona (which will contribute academic rigour to the project).

The meeting was aimed at:
• Get to know each other among the partner entities and establish a good working environment.
• Clarify all the relevant issues related to the management of the project and the work plan.
• Define the basis for the development of project products.

In this context, the partner entities of the project have begun to work on the development of a Board Games Guide especially focused on improving the well-being and skills of young people in residential care. It is currently in the process of making a diagnosis of the implementation of board games in the residential centers of the participating partner entities in order to identify key aspects to take into account and include in the board games guide.