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The Resilis Foundation will coordinate the project “Domus Ludens – La Casa que play”

erasmus luden

New Erasmus + of the European Commission for an Educational Platform entity. In this case for the Resilis Foundation, which will coordinate the project “Domus Ludens: la Casa que play”. A project that aims to promote the right to play, through board games, in the field of child protection. The project aims to show that by enforcing the right to play and creating a culture of play, improvements in subjective well-being and the acquisition of personal skills of children and adolescents living in shelters are produced.

erasmus luden

The project will be developed simultaneously in Germany (S&S gem. Gesellschaft für Soziales mbH), Poland (Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie) and Catalonia and has a strong Girona accent because among the associated entities, in addition to the Resilis Foundation has the University of Girona and the cooperative La Juganera contributing its expertise.

The creation of a “Play Agent Manual” will be the basis that will allow the training of 30 professionals who can be trained as recreational agents and can put this training into practice during a school year in different services in Catalonia, Germany and Poland. Being able to count among the associated entities of the project with the play cooperative in the advice and design of the project and especially in the training of recreational agents allows to incorporate all their knowledge of the world of board games and above all their enthusiasm and passion.

Another activity that will be carried out from this Erasmus+ call is the preparation of a “Board Games Guide”. The guide will select a series of games present in the European market, which more than make a good time have an impact on the acquisition of skills and the emotional well-being of the teenagers to whom the project is addressed.

The pilot will last a school year and the University of Girona will be in charge of designing and carrying out the evaluation of the results obtained from a dynamic, structured and regular practice of recreational activities. It is planned to work with a sample of 100 children and adolescents on which to evaluate the impact of the pilot test.

The results of the project will be disseminated at national conferences in the three partner countries and will be available on the project website.