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The young people in the classroom of the OIKIA Reception Centre open the curtain

The young people in the classroom of the Oikia Reception Centre prepare a play. They have rehearsed over five very intense weeks. For this reason, they want to invite you to attend the performance on October 30, at the Civic Center Ter, at 11:00 in the morning.

We have counted, for the rehearsals, with the invaluable help of the great director and screenwriter Ferran Joanmiquel Pla, professor of theater in the Galliner, school of theater of reference in theatrical pedagogy in the regions of Girona.

Òmnium cultural organizes the project Arrelarreu Contes, the initiative that has lasted for a few years. It consists of a learning project and community service carried out with the students of the secondary school classrooms of Girona.

The Oikia classroom does not want to leave the opportunity, and together with the Galliner and Òmnium has organized L’Arrelarreu Teatre. It is a pioneering project in our city. Theatre is a great tool for learning Catalan, to manage emotions, become body awareness and improve – through group dynamics – the relationship between them.


We are waiting for you all on the 30th at the Ter Civic Center at 11:00 in the morning.

The young people in the classroom of CA Oikia preparing the play


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