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The young people of the PIL program participate in Parliament and meet with the Very Hble President, Roger Torrent.

On Monday, September 9, the young people of the PIL 16-21 program, accompanied by the technicians of the UTE PIL 16-21 Fundació Mercè Fontanelles and Fundació Resilis, participated in a training session in the Parliament of Catalonia and met with the Molt Hble President Torrent.

The event was held in a session of the Parliament of Catalonia in order to know the functioning of the Catalan institutions.

The young people have been organized into 4 PIL parliamentary groups and have debated, agreed and experienced the process of presenting their government proposals, to be elected President. The groups have proposed proposals on topics that concern them such as education, opportunities for young foreigners, sustainability and access to the world of work. After the debate, they have agreed with each other, and by consensus they have chosen the spokesperson of the PIL Lleida group, Maryam president.

At the end of this learning process, the group of young people has been able to exchange their assessments with the Very Honorable President Torrent who has expressed his responsibility to send to the deputies the topics worked on in these session.

The PIL team has valued as very enriching this pioneering proposal while waiting for future possibilities of working together.