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We premiere project: the Chajinel • Plataforma Educativa
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We premiere project: the Chajinel

This October, the Educational Platform Foundation, within its line of Development Cooperation and Awareness to citizens, begins, together with the UdG, the Chajinel project, a new initiative that promotes a training experience, through the arrival of a maternal-child health professional graduated in nursing, from Central America (Guatemala), and who collaborates with the international cooperation project Children at Risk – Fight against child malnutrition in Guatemala.

The objective is for this professional to train and raise awareness among the citizens of Girona and at the same time, share their knowledge in the field of care for children and to the care of mothers and children in situations of chronic malnutrition, derived diseases or prematurity, sharing and learning from professionals in Catalonia and establishing an enriching exchange that promotes changes in both communities.

The person selected for this first edition is Amanda Maria Pastor. This nursing professional will make a two-month stay in Girona, and will hold awareness-raising talks, attend training and organize formal and informal meetings with different health agents in the city and visits to different services of interest.

The project goes hand in hand with the Faculty of Nursing of the UdG, who will accompany Amanda in this experience, and will accompany her on her visits to the different health services that they visit in addition to organizing some activities and with the collaboration of the Girona City Council in its area of Cooperation and Awareness that has entrusted the initiative of the entity as another example of the work done by the social entities of Girona in the field of defence of human rights

And we have nothing left to thank all the people and entities that you have made possible Chajinel and start this new adventure!


Amanda Pastor, Chajinel 2019, and Llian Canté, head of the project, at the entrance of the Educational Platform headquarters in Girona