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When the final stretch arrives we want to say thank you!

Weekend dedicated to the Nahual and Chajinel projects and the volunteers who participate.

December has arrived, this means that we are in the final stretch of projects such as Chajinel and Nahual. It has been an intense few months of collaboration and learning and we are sure that we will repeat having incorporated the best of these experiences.

In the images you can see that it has been an intense weekend for the members of our development cooperation projects and our universe constellated by volunteers who join to support our activity and that make the stay of these people and great professionals even more profitable.

Thank you, Pep, Neus, Javier, Jordi, Susana, Mouna, Christine, Lily… you are so valuable!

Thanks also to the funders and collaborators who make mutual learning like this possible.

Thank you friends! Thank you friends!

The participants of the Project Nahual and Chajinel, accompanied by the volunteers during the Night of volunteering and the farewell that they made in Can Moragues