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Plataforma Educativa is a social economy initiative that since 1994 has contributed its experience in the field of social action. It brings together different non-profit social initiative organisations that aim to improve the quality of life of people with fewer resources and/or at risk.

It offers support to the entities that form part of it, working together with them to help generate new opportunities through the recognition of the people they serve.

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Richard Calvo
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Educational Platform has its origins in the will of the Educational Platform Foundation to create and generate synergies between different entities in order to join forces, diversifying activities and optimizing resources.

The aims of Plataforma Educativa represent a truly broad and complex collection of intentions, actions, alliances and pedagogies with which we work to materialize programs and services that respond to the historical and emerging needs of the most vulnerable people.

Through alliances with other entities, Plataforma Educativa works to continue giving a comprehensive response to people from groups of greater vulnerability.

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