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Young people from Oikia visit the University of Girona

We are written by the same young people from the Oikia Reception Centre of Girona (educational project of The Resilis Foundation) to explain their visit to the University of Girona

On Tuesday, June 11, the students of the classroom of the Oikia reception center were able to visit the Montilivi Campus of the University of Girona.

We were accompanied to visit Chiraf, a chemistry student who is now doing a master’s degree and will do a PhD, a professor of chemistry at the university and a “YouTuber” chemist who carries out experiments through her dissemination channel.

Apart from knowing the different buildings of the university and what is studied in each of them, the professor told us about the periodic table—which this year 150 years ago!—and gave us practical examples so that we could understand how we can apply it in our daily lives.

Chiraf told us how she got to university and told us that sometimes things were difficult but if we worked hard we could get what we set out to do. We really liked him telling us that!

At the end of all the “YouTuber” Aytam Soto did chemical experiments with nitrogen like the ones he does in his channel. The demonstrations he gave us were very fun and we were very surprised. We even wanted to study chemistry!