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Young people from the Oikia Reception Centre visit the Dalí Museum

The boys from the Oikia reception centre tell us how they experienced the visit to the Dalí Museum in Figueres

On January 14th we went to Figueres to see the Dalí Museum-Theatre. Tamir, a boy from the centre, made a model of the galatea tower building very beautiful and realistic: it was an artistic representation of Salvador Dalí and where he lived.

That day the educators and teachers took the vans with the boys with a lot of energy and joy on the way to the museum. Once in there, the two workers gave us a guided tour where they told us the history of the museum and the life of the artist. Inside the museum we were surrounded by paintings, all with different shapes and meanings. Each room has photographs of the same subject such as love war, sadness, loneliness… etc. Each room has a security guard who ensures that you do not touch the works of art and some cannot be photographed since they are “sacred” and have no other museum.

In the museum there were not only photographs and paintings, but there were also vehicles such as his car with three people of sculpture inside, and near him there was a pile of tractor wheels and, above it, there was a wooden dinghy. There were also other sculptures such as a woman who has no hands and wore Saharawi-style clothes. We were told that this gift belonged to a man who lives in Romania and gave it to Dalí and there were also many gifts on the wall. Inside the car, it starts to rain if you put a coin!

In his room there was in his bed that was very clean, there was a shelf with books and flowers. At the entrance to his room, there was a photograph of Dalí and his wife, Gala, who were painting.

He also came to figueres television (tramuntana TV), who asked us questions and congratulated Temir for his great work of Art.

We really liked Salvador Dalí’s surrealism.

Annas and Mohamed.